Why you should measure your social media ROI

Are you one of those professionals who is being continuously asked by many clients or even his boss to calculate the social media ROI? The use of the term social media ROI has been climbing up to become part of the concepts that every social media professional knows (or should know). It is not rare (more…)

Social selling: a new customer journey?

Do you think social networks have changed the way you sell? Can you take advantage of them in your daily life? Although social networks have changed the sales process from a business perspective and marketing, if you understand well what place in that process you will become a very useful tool to change some processes. (more…)

How to measure and calculate the ROI of social media

ROI is a financial concept that measures the net profit of a company, project or campaign generated in comparison with the invested costs. Sometimes it is called profitability; ROI is Return On Investment, the profitability of an investment. ROIM, another similar concept, is when we apply the concept of ROI to marketing. It measures the impact of (more…)

Marketing: expense or investment?

Do not lie to yourself, not every penny you invest in marketing and promotion is an actual investment. What’s the difference? It is easy, if you spend your precious money in a marketing campaign and this provokes profit betterment, then that is well invested money. Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the (more…)

A client is worth more than this sale

So you managed to get that customer to buy from you! You made the sale… and is that all? Not at all; it is an error to consider that a customer is only worth the profit you get from that one sale. Have you considered this customer could be repeating and then buying again from (more…)